Shiny New Updates

After resurrecting my blog from it’s seven month hibernation I looked at it and something wasn’t quite right. Everything was exactly as it was left but I just didn’t like the look of it any more. So I decided to change it all. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, back in July/August last year I changed my blog from it’s default theme into the grey and atmospheric theme I had kept until now. Looking at it this afternoon I didn’t even like the name I had chosen for it.

Now that everything’s been redecorated, you might notice some differences. It isn’t grey and atmospheric. It doesn’t have a weird name (well, actually it still does but it’s a different weird name). It is now all hippy like, airy and generally more welcoming. I suppose before I was trying to go for a hard-hitting information blog but I’ve come to realise that it just doesn’t fit with my style of writing. In the words of Anton Ego (who is the restaurant critic in the Disney Pixar film Ratatouille) “it’s all about perspective”. When you write anywhere up to 3 blog posts a week you haven’t really got time to step back and look at them. Sure, there’s time to proofread and pick out your awful sins against the rules of grammar, but you never really have the time or the will to read through what you’ve written and try to understand what you’re writing about.

In many ways that’s the tricky part of blogging; you can sit at a keyboard and type away with whatever comes into your head but it never really goes anywhere. Quite literally, you’re rambling about your head occasionally throwing out sentences here and there. Quite a few of my early blog posts are very much like this, lurching about in my sea of thoughts, throwing new ideas out with each paragraph. It can often be interesting to read, and it’s perhaps a key part of blogging but when you read back over what you’ve written it seems cluttered and generally insane.

If I don’t get the chance to read over what I’ve written you’ll probably see me slide back into rambling, ranting and letting my mind wander freely. I don’t want to sound cheesy and cliche but “The Cavern” is a pretty big place now; there’s plenty of space to jump around in the array of ideas floating about. What I write in my blogs is very much spontaneous, so I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what becomes of the third generation of

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Lullabies for the Dormant Mind

All is calm here at the dreamforge, you’ll have noticed that there’s been very little in the way of updating going on. What was once a noisy, busy and generally insane world has sunk into what is very much like a library atmosphere. Absolutely silent, calm and peaceful.

A quick google search will tell you that the title of this post is ripped off of a certain band’s 2009 album, but I chose it because it perfectly describes this site at the moment. Asleep, if you will. A combination of my lack of revolutionary thinking and being pushed back into a montonous everyday routine has left my creative side starved and the blog has suffered. You needn’t fear though, this post means there’s one more week until I am free for summer and that should mean more writing inspriation will come my way.

The aforementioned monotonous routine affects everyone in the same way, it turns us into robots repeating tasks until such a time is reached that freedom is achieved. This wouldn’t be possible unless we also have lots of sugar and coffee to keep us going. Hence, I’ve added a picture below which gives a background on coffee and caffeine; all you’ll ever need/want to know about the black liquids and white powders that keep the working world going.

In the meantime, keep checking back: I promise you will find some new, interesting and exciting things to read/watch/look at/listen to in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned…

New Stuff & General Overhaul

My blog has changed. Drastically. Check it.

“So Tom, what have you changed?”
Well, for one, you’ll notice the theme. No longer is it white with psychedelic patterns. No longer is it particularly colourful. Instead, it’s gone hardcore. The old theme was called “Spectrum” (which, if you know a thing or two about physics, will make perfect sense). The new theme is called “Greyzed”. To me, it sounds a bit like a tag name (I’m certainly not a “chav” so don’t judge me for mistakes I make about that culture. I’m basing it solely on my experience of East London). However, not only would it be a silly tag name that wouldn’t earn you any respect at all, spray painting it on the side of a grey building would confuse some people. Or make them think you were a colourblind cow (Ed: that’s a very obscure attempt at a joke and I’d be surprised if even myself understands it the next time I read it). That’s neither here nor there though, as that’s the name of the theme. I didn’t create it. Strange name, but good theme, and the theme is really all that matters. Kudos to The Forge Web Creations, who designed it, and a very big thanks to them for making it a free theme, as ‘the best things in life are free’.

For two, the title has changed. No longer is it “Cloud Tom”. No longer does it metaphorically float “away with the fairies” (there’s a prize if you can source the person that most uses that quote, that I know, in the comments). As the new theme is a bit more heavy and down to earth, I figured I’d change the title to match. I was going for something that matched the theme but still hinted at the peaceful, floaty hippy-ness of the general direction of my writings. Hence, the “Dreamforge Revolution” was born. Not a literal revolution of course, that’s for Spain & the Middle East. It is meant, however, to relate to the idea that we are constantly fighting ourselves in our minds, resuling in the right (or wrong) decisions that we make in our lives. I’m well aware that it sounds deep and perhaps is evidence of how much thought I put into it (unlike the initial title rushed by my want to start blogging quickly) but I’m really happy with it. Yes, it is just a title, but I think it has quite a nice ring to it, even if it does sound a bit like the title of a Dragonforce song.

For three, the description has changed. “The ramblings of some guy you’ve probably never heard of”. Again, I didn’t really like it. 99% if the traffic to this blog is from the links to it in my *cough*Facebook*cough* info, Twitter bio or referring tweets. So most of the people who visit this (and probably you, the reader too) knows me to some level. Even if you’ve never met me, you’ve probably followed me on twitter for a little while so you’ll have a vague idea of my interests.  This rendered the description rather incorrect. *Change* and it’s now a literal summary of what you’re going to find written here. My thoughts. ‘Avant-garde’? That’s just a description. It might quite possibly be my favourite variety of metal music. It might be the way you think about what I’m writing here. That, however, is the idea. 🙂

“Your post starts with ‘New Stuff’, so what’s new?”
Not much, really. Like a Windows update, you’d be hard-pressed to find any noticeable change in the way your computer works. In much the same way, very little has changed in the way my blog works.
“But look! All of the widgets have swapped sides!”
That’s not new though, that’s just a change. Although, the new bit is indeed related to the widgets (the bar on the rightleft with the archive and twitter list). Look to the bottom of the widgets bar and you’ll find an additional widget, Subscriptions. You can now subscribe to my blog. If you’ve got a WordPress account you’ll get Facebook-style notifications. If you haven’t, you’ll get an e-mail. So everyone’s a winner. If you like reading this blog, do subscribe, it’s a nice little number on my stats page 😀 .

¡Viva la Revolución!
NERDFACTZ: if you look at this post in HTML you’ll realise that all of the full stops are italicised, unintentionally of course becuase of a WordPress bug. I’m not bothered enough to go around italicizing every full stop if you’re wondering. Also, this whole fact makes not a blind bit of difference to the way you read the post, unless you read at 500% zoom and notice the slightly elliptical instead of perfect circle full stop.