Hello world!

I kept the default title above. I figured I’d run with it, it has a happy vibe to it.

It does, however, sum up my current feelings. I’ve just created a blog, and I feel a freedom. A freedom to share anything and everything to the world, and it makes me feel exactly like the picture I’ve hopefully attached to this post.

mfw I created this blog

I’m still getting used to this whole idea, and I can’t imagine this will have too much of an audience since I’m starting out here, but to anyone that’s reading, Hello! Thanks for reading my first ramble, of which I hope there is to be many.

I’m fairly certain that most of the people I know (that is, those I talk to on a regular basis and not just facebook “friends”, but those too) probably don’t even know what wordpress is, perhaps stumbling on it during a google images search but only seeing it as a image source and not someone’s literary genius. Perhaps ironically, I found the happy face image from someone else’s blog through a google image search, but I made sure to comment and say thanks. The whole issue of copyright on the image is a complete tangent to the point of this post, but maybe I’ll come back to it at another time.

Facebook, however, is something I will ramble about (Ed: In fact, this has turned into a rant, sorry about that). I very much despise Facebook, and although once I revered it and logged into it every day I do so no longer. I was once the kind of person who would post “pointless statuses” (even though they all do have a point, even if it’s simple like announcing that you’re leaving for work/school/the cinema/the park etc, or that you want to be passively aggressive and make a vague indirect attack at a person only you and those who know you very well will understand) and I would avidly like, comment and post all manner of content that I now see as a waste of cyberspace. There came a time when I became annoyed at Facebook’s ways. I’m not sure whether it was everyone gradually loosing de abiltie 2 $p3ll pr0ply, People Who Needed To Capitalise Every Letter Which Makes Reading It Seem Like You Have A Sort Of Messed Up Tourettes, the awkward moment when everyone and their dog has awkward moments, the people who quote Bob Marley’s famous “Truth is, everyone’s out to hurt you, you just gotta find the one’s worth suffering for” and other “smart” philosophies that have been reposted from a facebook group they’ve just joined, or maybe even just my unwillingness to accept all things mainstream. Maybe even, it was a combination of all of these and more. Hence, see the handy infographic below summing it up. This is why the majority of my social networking time is now spent on Twitter, and maybe now even here.

Of course, above written and below pictured may be taken as an indirect attack on people who do that sort of thing on facebook. Most of those, I imagine, would be far to involved with Facebook to even consider visiting WordPress, let alone this blog.  Unless they/you’ve come from my twitter page (twitter.com/TomHowlin) then I salute you for choosing wisely. WordPress is basically Twitter with an unlimited character limit, image attaching and a more complicated interface. Trust me though, from the 30mins I’ve spent writing this I am already looking forward to posting more.

Check back, you might relate to some of the things that go on here 🙂
(I was inclined to finish with “Peace!” here to keep theme with the psychedelic colours and first sentence, but I’ll let you decide what fits)

You know it's true