Hey Stoopid!


National Novel Writing Month is upon us! For those of you who haven’t heard of this internet phenomena, it’s basically a creative writing challenge, where you have 30 days (the whole of November) to write a 50,000 word novel. Simple, right? In order to ‘win’ the challenge you must have completed the 50,000 words and have submitted it by November 30th. There isn’t really much of a prize other than a certificate and the satisfaction of writing a novel. I mean, it’s on people’s bucket lists so it must be a feat worth achieving. And you get to tell people that you’ve written a novel. So not that bad really. And as a benchmark, 50,000 words is about the same size as The Great Gatsby.

I have decided to attempt it this year (first time ever, btw) and I’m aiming to write 2,000 words per day (to complete it in the time frame you need to write 1,667 per day). Having the extra ~400 words per day means I should finish 5 days early and will give me time to correct any major errors. At the moment 2,000 seems to be enough to write one small chapter, and I estimate it will use up about 70-80 pages. Oh, and if I’m happy with the overall quality of the novel by the end of the month I’ll publish it here in a separate portion of the site (it’s bigger than you think, but most of it is empty at the moment).

And good luck if you’re doing this too.


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