Sounds of a Playground Fading

I’m going to see how long I can keep up using album titles relevant to my writing theme as post headings. Obviously, as long as I’m doing this, the titles aren’t my own creative work and I’ll take no credit for them. Just a little disclaimer there for copyright reasons. Whoever thought up of the title for their album gets a cookie for being so creative. As of this post, only the post preceding uses an album title.

School’s out for Summer! For me anyway. To be honest, the last two sentences are as far as the title of this post fits the theme of my writing, but it only gets better. As you’d have read in my previous post, a week has passed which means I now have seven more in which to do as little or as much as I want. In that spirit, I decided to use some unspent energy to become a philanthropist for a day. This involved joining the school cycling team on the London to Southend Bike Ride all in aid of the British Heart Foundation. I’ll begin by saying the day started well; the relatively slow progress made to the first checkpoint was put down to the mile and a half long incline which tested our bikes (and our legs) to the absolute limit. The second section (each section being about 13miles) was so much easier, and we completed it in half the time it took to do the first quarter of the route. With 26miles down and 26 to go, it was decided that we stop for lunch, where the first torrential downpour of the day began. I say this because it was certainly not the last to add to the experience. Now being mildly soaked, we headed on to the third checkpoint, where there were yet more hills on the way but thankfully some long downhill stretches too. Just after drying out, the second torrential downpour began, making a 30mph descent become more dangerous with every passing yard.

After the third section and the end of the rain, the fourth and final leg began. By now our energy supplies and water bottles were running low, meaning it was simply down to squeezing every last drop of energy out of our bodies and pushing for the finish line. Coming into the outskirts of Southend, the car traffic really began to build. This meant, despite being physically exhausted, we were now being required to divert energy into planning our cycling mentally to avoid collisions with traffic. Unfortunately, in a traffic jam on the 51st mile I made the mistake of not concentrating on the car infront and bumping into it. The driver, luckily, was rather sympathetic. No damage was done to the car, and, after he was satisfied inspecting his rear bumper accepted my humble apologies and got on his way. Continuing on towards the ever-closer finish line I couldn’t help but feel annoyed with myself for making such a mistake, which could have been quite costly on my part if I had been travelling with any form of speed. It was then I saw the flash of lightning and the almost immediate growling response. Little more than five seconds stood between the spectacular introduction and the main performance of monsoon rain that carried on until the finishing straight, by which time I was quite literally dripping from head to toe. I had become separated from the group after the incident with the car, but I wasn’t the last to finish. After four hours and twenty minutes of gruelling cycling through Britain’s finest weather, I had beaten the 52mile course, suffering only a minor dent to one of my brake handles, a waterlogged phone and some soggy banknotes. I can only describe my emotions with the following picture.


That was just the first Sunday of my summer holiday. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything on that scale again for the time being. Hopefully this means you’ll see more of my writings appearing over the summer. There will naturally be a two week holiday break, because even the Dreamforge needs two weeks a year for the eye to pass in the revolutionary storm.

Maybe this time the weather will be nice.


Lullabies for the Dormant Mind

All is calm here at the dreamforge, you’ll have noticed that there’s been very little in the way of updating going on. What was once a noisy, busy and generally insane world has sunk into what is very much like a library atmosphere. Absolutely silent, calm and peaceful.

A quick google search will tell you that the title of this post is ripped off of a certain band’s 2009 album, but I chose it because it perfectly describes this site at the moment. Asleep, if you will. A combination of my lack of revolutionary thinking and being pushed back into a montonous everyday routine has left my creative side starved and the blog has suffered. You needn’t fear though, this post means there’s one more week until I am free for summer and that should mean more writing inspriation will come my way.

The aforementioned monotonous routine affects everyone in the same way, it turns us into robots repeating tasks until such a time is reached that freedom is achieved. This wouldn’t be possible unless we also have lots of sugar and coffee to keep us going. Hence, I’ve added a picture below which gives a background on coffee and caffeine; all you’ll ever need/want to know about the black liquids and white powders that keep the working world going.

In the meantime, keep checking back: I promise you will find some new, interesting and exciting things to read/watch/look at/listen to in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned…